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Energetic costs reduction

To reduce the company energetic costs has two different effect: it brings a
valuable economic advantage and moreover means a total respect for the
enviroment and an attention for the sustainability, in order to avoid useless
Our consultancy and organization action plan manage different guidelines:

colonnina ricarica auto elettrica

  • Starting from an energetic diagnosis, we measure your real needs
  • Finding the best possible improvements, depending on the avaliable
  • We realize the project that balances the best option betwen the
    techonolgy side and the tax incentives avaliable at the time
  • Overview and control during the work execution with reference to the
    executive project in order to achieve the best result
  • Management check on the requalified building and technical test on the
    project standard and their real implementation
  • Support and recurring check on the measured consumptions and the
    quality standard